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Students' and tutors' work featured at People’s History Museum

Tuesday 13 August 2019

The works of Salford students, tutors and alumni are being showcased in an exhibition at the People’s History Museum.

The exhibition is part of Manchester’s marking of the 200-year anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre and is now open. 

The works creatively explore the idea of ‘From _______ To ________’ highlighting a range of examples where force has been used to control citizens and suppress dissent.

The identity for the exhibition was devised and developed by recent Graphic Design graduates, Jenny Hall, Nicole Candiotto and Harry Steele. 

The work also includes submissions from past and current Salford students (plus some tutors) alongside the likes of director Mike Leigh, Craig Oldham, Supermundane, Cleon Peterson, DR.ME, Emily Schofield, Tea Uglow, Rob Ryan and Jimmy Cauty.

Dr Daniel Cookney, project coordinator and lecturer in Graphic Design, said: “Each contributor was asked to use an envelope to play with this idea of sending something ‘from’ them ‘to’ a recipient while, at the same time, using ‘from’ and ‘to’ in the creation of work that can explore corresponding themes that might span different times or locations. 

“It has resulted in a broad range of responses that moves well beyond the events of Peterloo itself to take in everything from the Miners’ Strike, murderous Chilean dictators, Yemen’s humanitarian crisis, LGBT issues and anti-immigrant rhetoric in the US. It also does this at a time when there are fears that rights – which were fiercely fought for by many marginalised communities - are in danger of being eroded by authoritarian leaders around the world.” 

The exhibition will run from Friday 9 August 2019 to Sunday 8 September and is free to enter, with a suggested donation of £5. More information can be found here. The project can also be found on Twitter and Instagram.  

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