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Three in four businesses cyber 'novices' - report

Wednesday 24 April 2019

With a report out this week that ranks almost three quarters of businesses as "novices" in terms of cyber readiness, Dr Rob Aspin, Director of Computer Science & Software Engineering at The University of Salford comments:

The report goes on to say that 55% of businesses suffered at least one cyber attack in 2019.

Dr Rob Aspin said: "Cyber attacks are on the rise because of two pretty straightforward reasons: it’s relatively easy to do and there’s money in it.

“The fact is that most companies do not see security as a key part of their business model, so are not building this into their software development processes and systems

"My list of simple what-can-we-dos would be:

  1. Consider security of data and systems at design phase
  2. Ensure your systems are up to date and patched
  3. Actively monitor and test your security – do it yourselves or bring someone in -  do not leave it to the service/platform providers.
  4. Engage with recognised bodies for supporting cyber security, such as the National Cyber Security Centre, GM Police or projects such as the ERDF Greater Manchester Cyber Foundry of which the University of Salford is a partner."

For more information about the University Salford and the ERDF GM Cyber Foundry, see our website.

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